Hi, I'm fox.

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Hi! I'm fox and this is my simple homepage.

I'm a young guy interested in computer stuff, infosec, science, maths, Open Source and the Rubik's cube.

I love playing CTF competitions with my mates from the Tasteless team and I try to keep trained with different wargames.

I am about to graduate from the EIT ICTLabs Master School with specialization in Security and Privacy. It is a double degree program so I had the possibility to study between TU Berlin and University of Twente. At the moment I am working on my thesis project at Riscure in Delft (Netherlands).

For my BSc I studied Computer Science at the University of Trento (Italy) where in the meanwhile I worked for SpazioDati, a startup in Trento about linked data, open data and semantic web. I also worked for the Scientific and Technological Research Centre of Bruno Kessler Foundation in the SoNet group as a developer and researcher (well, I tried to do that actually). We focused on social networks and social media, Wikipedia in particular.

I took part in the Google Summer of Code 2012 with the project "Ebuild upstream scanner enhancements" for the Gentoo Foundation.

I'm a GNU/Linux user and lover, I like Python and C programming and I like web based stuff a lot.

In my freetime I contribute to a lot of open source projects and release almost everything I write as free software.

In the past I contributed to Gentoo Linux by developing euscan and sometimes I'm a random contributor for the GlobaLeaks project.

I love any kind of geek gadgets or t-shirts and I have a sort of a geeky clothes collection ;) I also love boardgames, in particular German-style ones.

fox's photo

In my spare time I like improving my skills with the Rubik's cube and other twisted puzzles (without great results though). This is my WCA profile.

My favourite kind of music are folk, ska, reggae and rock. I like to listen to it while I'm coding or cubing. This is my last.fm profile.

I'm a really low skilled homebrewer but I'm trying to produce better and better beer and mead.

I don't know if this is good and healthy but when I work I'm totally goal driven, I can stay in front of my laptop for many hours until I don't finish what I'm doing. That's totally bad practice if you have other arrangements!

If you want to know more you can see my projects or if you want to discuss something feel free to contact me!

Happy hacking!

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You can contact me by writing an email at fox91 at anche dot no.

I also tweet from as @foxTN ;)